This Automotive Technician is Proof That You Don’t Have To Be Naturally Gifted To Be The Best

When you meet an automotive technician who sings Andrea Bocelli as they work on a car, you know you’ve happened on someone special. And that’s just it; you don’t need to fit into the mold of a mechanic to be an excellent mechanic.

Kevin Tremblay is a senior Automotive Service Technician and he’s living proof that you don’t need to be naturally gifted at being a mechanic.

Let’s get the technicalities out of the way. The term ‘mechanic’ is pretty old school. Today, they’re known as Automotive Service Technicians, a role that has changed with the evolution of cars. As well as being responsible for what is mechanically broken, technicians are also looking after computer networks and advanced electronics now found in vehicles. As a result, part of the challenge in being in this line of work, is constantly keeping up.

When Kevin Tremblay first applied for a job at his family’s automotive shop at the age of 17, his dad thought he was joking.

“People used to think that to be a technician, you had to be skilled with your hands, like you had to be naturally gifted at being a mechanic, but I hate to break it to you, I’m living proof that you don’t.”

While it took him a few years to train his mind and body to be mechanical, Kevin’s strength was in his mathematical ability. He already had the intellectual ability to understand the basic physics of force, gravity, drag and weight.

“I grew up working in a shop where the other mechanics around me kept telling me I can’t make it.”

“The best thing I could say to myself back then is, don’t worry about what that other mechanic says. Who cares? Do what you got to do, learn the training, and prove that you can do it. Then, be excellent.”

Today, Kevin is extremely confident in his ability to fix any car that finds it way to him. He’s proud that in 16 years, there hasn’t been a single car he couldn’t figure out.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is patience. Kevin has taken many night courses, advanced diagnostic courses, and has received his certification to be a licensed technician.

“If you’re actually willing to be coached and trained by someone else, you can be the best technician out there.”


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5 thoughts on “This Automotive Technician is Proof That You Don’t Have To Be Naturally Gifted To Be The Best

  • May 26, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    Been a mechanic for 20 years. I always liked cars but did not work on them. I was pressured to go to college when I was 23 after I got out of the Army. I did 2 years with the intent of working in a water treatment plant. I decided to drop out. I became a mechanic and love it. Not I make just as much as a senior nurse without a degree.

  • May 26, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    This is motivating for someone pursuing this path that didn’t grow up tinkering with cars or being able to or not having the drive to seek such opportunities.

  • May 26, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    I always wanted to be a automotive technician …still I m living on this dream…..give some tips ….
    Iove from Bangladesh


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