Los Angeles has created a colorful prefab tiny home village for the citys unhoused population — see inside

  • Lehrer Architects and Los Angeles’ Bureau of Engineering designed a new village of tiny homes.
  • The 39-unit Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village was created to house LA’s unhoused population.
  • Prefabricated homes are increasingly being used to address the homelessness crisis in the US.
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A once “forgotten” corner in North Hollywood, California, has been given a colorful makeover to house Los Angeles’ homeless population using prefabricated tiny homes.

The process of creating a prefabricated home in a factory or warehouse naturally lends itself to be more economical, eco friendly, and speedier than building a traditional home. As a result, prefabricated units are increasingly seen as a potential solution to both the US’ inaccessible housing market and the homelessness crisis caused by natural or personal disasters.

To the latter point, several companies are now building prefabricated tiny homes to house the unhoused, including Washington-based Pallet, which creates housing units that can be setup in 30 minutes.

Pallet’s tiny homes are now being used throughout the country, including at Los Angeles’ new 39-unit Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village, a community of tiny homes designed to alleviate Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis.  Keep scrolling to take a tour of the village, which was designed by Lehrer Architects and the city’s Bureau of Engineering.

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